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On January 21, 2024, Synergy Working Dog Club lost one of our founding members: Marvin Eng. Marvin had been at the heart of Synergy Working Dog Club since our inception, but, along with his wife Penny, and Dwyn Tomlinson, we have been training together for 25 years.


Many knew him: as a helper, as a competitor, a mentor, and as a deeply passionate enthusiast of the sport of schutzhund.


He was always willing to catch a dog, or teach someone else to. He was passionate about the sport, about dogs, about working dogs, about understanding the character of the dogs, and about reading what the dog needed. He loved puppies and working with them. He had a big soft spot for Rotties.

As a coach, he never failed to let you know when you were ignoring the obvious or trying to fool yourself.

He was one of those people that quietly got things done. One day, you'd come to training and discover the clubhouse had been cleaned and shelves installed. Or some new light had been mounted on a post.


Doing protection with Marvin was like a dance where everyone knew the steps. The dog, the sleeve, the leash, lock up, release, pull, carry, – we did it all almost with words, knowing exactly what to expect.

His legacy will live on in the things we learned together, and from each other. In the helpers he trained, and the handlers he coached. The laughter, the experiences, and the dogs. Always, the dogs.

RIP Marvin.

Our profound sympathies to his wife and sons who have followed in his footsteps in the sport.






Marvin has been involved with the sport for close to two decades and continues to learn every training session!  He loves seeing a dog/handler team in total unity on the field. The sport is all about "The Art of Control".

Marvin has tilted dogs from their BH through to their IGP3/IPO3/SchH3 titles at a national level, and has trained and sold dogs to the police and military.  He aspires to compete internationally with his dogs.

Marvin is looking for his next training partner.  Marvin is the club's teaching/training/trial helper as well as being a GSSCC certified Teaching Helper.  Marvin is also the current GSSCC Helper Program Coordinator and is a member of the Helper Committee 

for the CWDF (Canadian Working Dog Federation).