• Ryan & Teaching Helpers (Pando, Marvin & Anthony)

    Congratulations Ryan! - certified as Club Level Front Half Helper at 18 yrs old!!
  • Ontario Region Helper Seminar November 2021

    Synergy represented by Marvin, Ken, Scott, Ryan, Dwyn & Dagmar
  • dog tracking with handler

    Congratulations Karen & Archer - IPO1

    Karen & Archer, IPO1 - May 2018
  • black dog carrying dumbell

    Congratulations - Frank - 3rd place Ont Rgnls & Hi OB

    Congratulations to Frank - 3rd place at the Ontario Regional Championship and High Obedience - May 2018
  • Marvin - 2017 Regionals

    Marvin - 2017 Ontario Regionals
  • Congratulations - Frank - 100 points in tracking. May 2017

    Congratulation - Frank - 100 pts in tracking. May 2017
  • Marvin - 2016 Ontario Regionals with Champion Checker & Shanon

    Marvin - 2016 Ontario Regionals with Champion Checker & Shanon

    photo by Dwyn Tomlinson
  • Retrieve

    Buffy vom Bergblick - IPO1 and IPO 2 just two weeks apart.
  • Congratulations - Helpers

    Congratulations - Marvin and Chris - excellent work at the helper seminar!
  • Marvin - 2015 Ontario Regionals

    Marvin - 2015 Ontario Regionals

  • Marvin, 2014 Ontario Regionals

    Photo by Dwyn Tomlinson
  • Intensity


    photo by Dwyn Tomlinson
  • Chloe - Retrieve

    Chloe - Retrieve

    photo by Dwyn Tomlinson
  • Marvin - IPO3 Back Half Helper for 2013 Ontario Regionals

    Marvin - IPO3 Back Half Helper for 2013 Ontario Regionals

    Photo by Susan St. George
  • Avro


    Photo by Dwyn Tomlinson
  • Camille


    Photo by Dwyn Tomlinson


Upcoming events in Ontario:

  • Club Trial - Oneida Working Dog Club - November 13&14, 2021

Upcoming events at Synergy:

  • Club Trial -2022 Summer Trial with Judge Darin Clarke for June 25/26, 2022.  More info to come.

About SWDC (Synergy Working Dog Club)

The goal of the Synergy Working Dog Club is to be a safe place to learn. Our passion is the working dog breeds and our goal is to excel in performance events that showcase the working dog's abilities – specifically IGP/IPO/Schutzhund.

We apply tested methods of behavioural science in order to understand and communicate with our dogs. We do this in a supportive environment, and our concerns are, in order, the safety of the community, the handler, and the dog.


Schutzhund in the time of COVID-19

We are restricting visitors at this time due to the current COVID situation. If you are looking for a club and want to find out more about us, please phone Penny at (416) 561-2607 to find out if we are a good fit for you.


What is Schutzhund/IPO/IGP?

Schutzhund was the original test of suitability for the German Shepherd Dog - the proof that the dog was worthy to be bred and be part of the legacy of the breed. In a nutshell - it is sport that demonstrates the dog's ability to work in harmony with her/his handler, and to demonstrate their courage and obedience.

Schutzhund has three parts: Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. The Tracking portion demonstrates the dog's ability to follow a scent with focus and concentration. In the Obedience portion, dogs perform a variety of exercises such as heeling, sitting, retrieving, and ignoring distractions. The Protection portion tests the dog's courage and strength, but also their obedience and ability to remain calm.

Schutzhund training and competition preserves the spirit of the dogs that also the base for canine law enforcement dogs, military working dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Although Schutzhund training is for all breeds, German Shepherd Dogs do excel due to their intelligence, their bravery, and their willingness to work and to please.